SpaceBalls – The game with the untidy Space station and the brave astronaut  

The player starts at the beginning of the Space station, level 1, as an astronaut. The astronaut has the exercise to reach the end of the Space station. He can use his black hole gun (left mouse button) to shot black holes and clear his way. But the astronaut has another exercise. He must use as few black holes as possible. The whole game exists out of three different levels and the “End level”. Once you have finished a level, the next level gets even harder. The astronaut can be moved by pressing “W” to go up the map, pressing “A” to go to the left, pressing “S” to go down the map and pressing “D” to go to the right, which is equal to the arrow keys. When you reach the end of a level, you will see a short black screen and continue in the next level. The only exception is after the End level: You will end in the screen of the main menu and can go back there.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity


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It's possible with less than 15 holes. How many do youd need?

I made with 13